Practice areas

 Trust and Estate Litigation

 Ann Burke Spalding represents fiduciaries, individuals and charitable organizations in complex estate and trust litigation matters, including representation in will and trust contests, elective share claims, pretermitted spouse claims, actions to construe, modify and reform wills and trusts, breach of fiduciary duty claims, disputes over the apportionment of estate taxes, disputes concerning the exercise of a power of appointment, as well as proceedings to remove and surcharge fiduciaries.

 Trust and Estate Administration

 Ann Burke Spalding represents fiduciaries, beneficiaries and creditors during the administration of trusts and estates. She recognizes this can be an intimidating and complicated process for those that are not familiar with the legal system. It can be particularly difficult to someone who is going through the grieving process.  Her responsiveness and empathy during this process helps her clients greatly.

Trust and Estate Planning

 Ann Burke Spalding recognizes how important it is to your loved ones to be prepared and have things in order. Her litigation experience gives her unique insight into what can happen when things are not in order. It is this unique litigation perspective that gives her a good angle on addressing a variety of issues when planning for the future.